• Lyndsey Thomas

    RN, B. Med. Sci (Hons) NIP

    Lyndsey Started her career in Nursing in 1997. Upon qualifying as a nurse she worked in the operating theatre as both as a scrub nurse, and then progressed to an Advanced Scrub practitioner, working as the assistant to the surgeon within operations. Lyndsey had a keen interest in aesthetic medicine, and trained at Harley Street in 2008 to become an aesthetic nurse. In 2011 Lyndsey privately funded her Nurse Prescribing Course at Demontford University in a course fully focused on medical aesthetics.

    Lyndsey has specialised in delivering high quality safe and effective treatments, focusing on keeping it natural. Her motto is “if people can tell you’ve had an aesthetic treatment I haven’t fulfilled my goal”. All treatments are focused on the patient’s needs, and she wont perform a treatment if she thinks it will not benefit the patient.

    Lyndsey became an advanced practitioner in 2013, and attends regular training with industry experts to ensure she delivers the best outcomes. Lyndsey also attends conferences and workshops to gain knowledge of the latest innovative ideas in medical aesthetics, as well as a keen focus on safety training and dealing with potential complications that may arise.

    Lyndsey has a strong focus of customer service within her practice, and states that if you are not 100% happy with the treatments she delivers, she wants her customers to come back to her, to work out a plan to ensure you are completely satisfied in the future.

  • Ayesha Thomas

    Student Nurse

    Ayesha has always had a special interest in aesthetics, as Lyndsey’s daughter she has always helped with the family business, with marketing, administrative tasks and now she is extremely happy to be treating patients. Ayesha will be working part time specialising in skin treatments such as the new Endymed device, and is researching other specific skin treatments to introduce to the clinic.
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