Wrinkles occur when our skin’s natural elasticity reduces. They are a result of a decrease in collagen reduction and outwardly, they are a visible feature of the ageing process. Removing or reducing the prominence of fine lines and wrinkles, even if they manifest themselves as deep creases in the skin, is entirely possible. Why not book a consultation and find out if anti-wrinkle injections or fillers would be more appropriate for you?


Tired, dull skin

If you’re suffering from lacklustre skin, that’s making you look tired, and perhaps even a little unwell, there are effective skincare remedies. Skin peel treatments are ideal for making you look radiant again, making your skin glow in a youthful way, and giving your complexion (and self-esteem) a boost! Get in touch with Lyndsey to find out which peel might be the best fit for you.


Loss of skin volume

Reduced collagen production and hyaluronic acid levels lead to a loss of soft tissue, as we get older. Thinning skin is a visible sign of ageing, but one that can be counteracted through dermal fillers. Dermal filler treatment involves injecting more hyaluronic acid into the face, where it soaks up water and creates a cushioning effect, giving you plumper skin. It can be applied under the eyes to reduce dark circles, and around the cheeks. Dermaroller is another option. This treatment tricks the body into providing you with fresh, naturally plumper skin tissue, where you need it most.


Skin issues

Acne and other skin problems can have a dramatic effect on our self esteem and how we view ourselves. Especially when over the counter skincare products don’t seem to have any effect. Why not let Lyndsey examine your skin with a view to providing a treatment, and bespoke approach that should have more effective results than products you’ve tried in the past?



How long have those acne scars been bothering you? Or perhaps you have other types of scars that you’d like to conceal? Lyndsey will be able to advise you of an effective non-invasive treatment, that will permanently remove, or at least visibly reduce your problem scars. Give her a call to find out more!

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