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In order to get your treatment right the first time, and achieve reliable, predictable results, it’s important to talk about what you want to achieve before your appointment at our skin clinic. Discussion of your medical history, facial treatments you’ve had in the past, and any medications you’re currently taking, will help Lyndsey make the safest, most informed decisions about your treatment.

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Talk to a medical professional about your skin issues

Get your skin checked by a medical professional! Talk about triggers for flare-ups, as well as how your skin issues can be best resolved. Lyndsey advises on medical aesthetics and how you can achieve the most natural-looking rejuvenation.

  • Achieve the results you want
  • Get confirmation of the best course of treatment for you
  • An opportunity to ask questions
  • Thorough examination and skin analysis
  • Find out about getting natural-looking results in a safe way

Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Consultation

  • What information will I gain about my skin?

    The consultation is an opportunity for Lyndsey, our lead clinician at Elixir Skin Clinic, to examine your skin and provide a bespoke treatment plan. She should be able to examine skin issues you’re having with a view to looking into possible causes and the most relevant medical and cosmetic treatments, to your personal skin situation. You’ll gain information about what could be causing any skin problems you’re experiencing, as well as your options of how to resolve them.

  • What happens during a consultation?

    In order for Lyndsey to make an informed, medical decision about which treatments will help you achieve the results you want, she’ll need to have a discussion with you about your medical history, cosmetic treatment history, and current medication. Once you decide to have a particular treatment, Lyndsey will tell you everything you need to know about what the treatment involves, the results you can expect, and any common side effects.

  • What facial aesthetic qualifications does Lyndsey have?

    Lyndsey first trained as a nurse in 1997 at Hull University, then gained her degree in medical science at Sheffield University in 2007. She gained her qualification to become an independent nurse prescriber at DeMontford University in Leicester in 2010.

  • What training does Lyndsey have?

    From 2008 to 2009, Lyndsey received specific training in medical aesthetics in Harley Street. Then in the following years, she attended multiple skincare training events. She became an advanced aesthetic practitioner in 2014, and has been privileged to attend conferences to witness new innovative techniques by various industry experts. Training at these events was only made available to Lyndsey due to her experience in her field. They were attended by prestigious industry leaders.

Your journey

Your consultation

Every treatment requires a consultation beforehand, even if it’s a treatment you’ve had before. Lyndsey will need to check that nothing in your situation has changed, that could cause an adverse effect.

Your treatment

Once you’ve had your consultation and Lyndsey is satisfied that your preferred treatment is suitable for you, you’ll book your appointment. You’ll know what to expect thanks to a discussion you’ll have had about the treatment during your consultation.


You’ll be given aftercare guidance during the consultation, and reminded of it after your treatment. Lyndsey will ensure you’re informed of what you’ll need to do to keep yourself safe and healthy, with the best chance of optimal results.

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