Profhilo rejuvenates ageing complexions

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Have you noticed skin areas on your face that are starting to sag, gain fine lines, look a bit lacklustre, or are generally contributing to you looking older than you’d like? Profhilo could be the answer. It’s an injectable treatment designed to remodel ageing skin and restore a youthful firmness to your complexion.

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Younger looking skin with a radiant glow

Natural-looking treatment from skincare professionals in Doncaster

Profhilo contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid which attracts water under the skin. Once the hyaluronic acid binds itself to water, the skin above is pushed slightly outwards, giving your facial skin a subtly plumper, refreshed appearance. Unlike fillers, Profhilo works by boosting your collagen levels, which leads to long-term skin improvements.

Why choose to have Profhilo treatment at our respected aesthetic clinic in Doncaster?

  • Plumps, and lifts skin that is ageing, thinning, and sagging.
  • Deep hydration of dry and crepey skin to improve skin texture
  • Enhances facial contours by restoring lost volume and removing wrinkles
  • Delivered by an expert clinician for safe, predictable results, that won’t alter your facial features.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Profhilo in Doncaster

  • Where can Profhilo treatment be applied?

    It is most frequently used on the face to give an ageing complexion a boost, but it can also be used on the hands, arms, knees, and décolletage to provide a lifted and refreshed skin appearance in these areas.

  • How soon will I see the effects and how long will the results last?

    You may see results after your initial treatment, but results are usually seen four weeks after your second treatment (8 weeks in total). Results typically last around 3 months, where you will then have a top-up to maintain your results.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Mild side effects are common. They include mild swelling, headaches, skin numbness at the injection site, and occasionally a rash. Side effects subside over a few days. Uncommon and rare side effects will be discussed within your consultation at our Doncaster skin clinic.

  • Is Profhilo safe?

    Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, making this a very safe treatment. We use only premium Profhilo products and it will be delivered by Lyndsey Thomas a respected leader in the aesthetics field. The only common side effects are very minor bruising and swelling at the injections sites; same as with any injection or blood test.

  • Will it be painful?

    A Profhilo injection is no more painful than any other injection, but additionally we will minimise discomfort with specific pain reduction techniques.

Your Profhilo journey in Doncaster


Before your treatment we’ll perform a medical assessment and facial analysis to ensure we are meeting your needs. The consultation will be carried out by an experienced, qualified nurse and take 30 minutes. We will advise you on how Profhilo treatment works and any possible side effects, before giving you an information sheet to take away.


We never perform treatments on the same day as the consultation. We want you to have time to take in all the information before you make a decision. During your treatment appointment, we’ll welcome you in, make you comfortable, and then safely administer the Profhilo.


Safe healthcare is our priority. We want you to remain safe and healthy, as well as experience first class Profhilo results. That is why we offer an exemplary aftercare service.

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