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If you’ve ever wondered why those expensive skincare products you’ve been buying over the counter aren’t working, it’s because they contain a minuscule amount of active ingredients. This is so they can be applied by anyone, without any necessary medical training. When you outsource your skincare to a professional skincare expert, then all of a sudden, you can expect transformative results, that are visible, and potentially life-changing. Are you ready to give your self-esteem and confidence in your appearance a boost?

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ZO Skinhealth – Rejuvenation

Whether you’re looking for firming products you can apply yourself, you want to hydrate your skin in a more effective way, or you’d like to try a product that can reduce the visibility of your wrinkles, Lyndsey can help. She can prescribe a product that should reduce the signs of ageing you are experiencing.

ZO Skinhealth – Skin issues

If you suffer from break outs, skin redness, or sensitivity, the ZO Skinhealth range may have a product to resolve the issue. Lyndsey is a nurse prescriber, which means she can examine your skin, make an assessment about the right solution, and advise you on the products that can help.

Environ – Signs of ageing

Environ offers a range of anti-ageing products which are effective in reducing the prominence of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. This is a well-loved, international skincare brand with enough active ingredients to make a real difference to your face. Lyndsey is qualified to prescribe them to you.

Environ – Protective skincare

Whether you need skincare products that can effectively protect you from sun damage, stop recurring skin issues from causing you problems, or you think your skin would benefit from vitamin nourishment to give you a glowing complexion, Environ products may be the answer. Why not check in with Lyndsey and find out how she can help you improve your complexion!

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    Highly recommended. I had some treatment yesterday. Very professional and experience shines through. Makes you feel at ease and comfortable. Environment is outstanding. Thank you Lyndsey

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