What Do Botox Injections Do?

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20th January 2023

What Do Botox Injections Do?

Botox, also known as anti-wrinkle injections or wrinkle relaxers, has been used for aesthetic treatments for years. Our clients love the results of treatment and it remains a popular choice at our Doncaster clinic. If you’d like to know more about botox, read on – we’re covering it in detail in today’s blog post.

Botox: what it is and how it works

Short for ‘botulinum toxin A’, botox is an injectable treatment designed to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles. It works by dulling the signals between the nerves and the muscles, leading wrinkles in the area to appear more relaxed. The treatment is designed for those lines and wrinkles that have developed through expressions and muscle use.

Results and expectations

In most cases, the results from botox injections develop in a matter of weeks and last anywhere from 3-4 months, depending on the person. Factors like age, previous treatments and metabolism can play a role in how long your results may last. The treatment is considered long-lasting, but not permanent – so the effects do wear off over time. In fact, you’ll need regular sessions of botox to prolong them.

The law on botox

Wrinkle relaxers are closely monitored by the industry and only experts are able to administer them. This is for your peace of mind, as you can be sure the person who gives you your anti-wrinkle injections has training and experience. Wrinkle relaxers are also a kind of prescription medicine, so a detailed consultation will need to take place before treatment to ensure it’s right for you and you’re fully informed about the effects and any risks and side effects. Ultimately, though, the choice to have botox is yours.

How botox and fillers compare

Our clients often ask us about fillers and whether these are better than botox (or vice versa). The truth is the two treatments serve two very different purposes. Fillers are used to plump, sculpt, volumise and contour, as well as ‘fill’ deep lines and wrinkles that are caused by natural ageing and UV exposure. Botox, however, is for those fine lines and wrinkles that develop from muscle use and expressions.

Booking a botox consultation

Before going ahead with any anti-wrinkle injections, our Doncaster experts will arrange a bespoke consultation to talk you through treatment and determine whether it’s suitable for you and will create the results you’re looking for. To get started, simply visit our contact page and get in touch with our team.

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