What Is Profhilo Treatment?

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9th June 2022

What Is Profhilo Treatment?

Imagine you could anti-age your skin from the inside out. Imagine you could plump and fill in lines and wrinkles. Imagine you could have more youthful skin that could even improve in quality in the future. Now imagine there’s a treatment that does all of that. Good news – there is, and it’s called Profhilo. Learn more about it, whether it’s suitable for you and how it could benefit your skin in today’s post.

What exactly is profhilo?

It’s a skin remodelling treatment that addresses skin moisture to smooth lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen and elastin production from the inside. These skin proteins contribute to skin’s texture and quality, and production drops with age – so it’s for these reasons profile is a leading anti-ageing treatment.

What benefits can I expect?

Profhilo works to:

  • Fill lines and wrinkles
  • Firm the skin’s texture and address laxity
  • Create more luminous, radiant skin

In other words, it’s a hydrator that also tackles tone and dullness for skin that’s more youthful and healthy-looking.

Where is profhilo used?

It’s great for areas of the face, neck, decollete and even the arms, knees and hands. Treatment involves carefully injecting the skin over a couple of sessions, with repeat treatment needed every 6 months or so (expert opinion on this varies, and of course, your skin needs and type may affect advice).

What’s downtime like?

Profhilo requires minimal recovery and downtime, so everyday general activity is fine (think work, daily errands and social calls). Exercise, heat treatments and alcohol need to be avoided at first though since these can all lead to issues like bruising and swelling. Finally, you’ll need to protect your skin with good protective UV sunscreen. We can advise you on this at our Doncaster skin clinic.

Will I develop swelling with profhilo?

Even following our aftercare and ensuring your skin’s taken care of doesn’t guarantee that side effects won’t develop – this is an injectable treatment, and all injections have a risk of swelling and bruising. However, we can help to reduce your risks through the above advice.

What’s the benefit of profhilo over surgery?

You’re much less likely to experience risks and adverse effects (such as infection); you won’t be making a permanent change, so are free to adjust your treatment in future; you won’t need time off work to recover; you won’t have scarring or potentially obvious signs of treatment.

How do I book profhilo treatment?

You’ll need to attend a consultation at our Doncaster skin clinic first. Talk to our team today to find out how to book, and we’ll start your skin journey together.

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