Is Botox Safe?

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16th August 2022

Is Botox Safe?

Our aesthetic clinic here in Doncaster has carried out countless Botox treatments on patients in and around the area, helping them achieve smoother, more rejuvenated, and more youthful skin and bringing back their lost confidence. But, like any aesthetics treatment, it’s really important to be aware of what’s involved, how to care for your skin post-treatment, risks and drawbacks, and of course, the wonderful results and benefits you can expect. Read on to find out a bit more about the procedure in today’s post.

Anti-wrinkle injections explained

Botox has several names in the industry, including wrinkle relaxers, anti-wrinkle injections and even wrinkle treatment. We typically refer to the treatment as just ‘Botox’, which is actually a shortened version of its name: botulinum toxin.

Don’t worry – despite the word ‘toxin’ in its name, Botox isn’t actually toxic when injected into your skin. Instead, it works to dull signals from the nerves in the treated areas, which in turn helps ‘relax’ the muscles. It’s the reason so many men and women who’ve had treatment appear well-rested and rejuvenated, with their lines and wrinkles appearing softer.

Botox safety

Like any treatment (and indeed, any injectable), there’s always an area of risk. Botox can cause bruising and swelling post-treatment, and some people need the occasional tweak afterwards to ensure the product sits properly in their skin (for example, so the face is symmetrical and no droopiness occurs). Having said all this, Botox is considered safe as an injectable and serious side-effects are extremely rare.

Botox uses

Wrinkle relaxers are mainly used on lines and wrinkles, however, Botox can also be used to soften a muscular jawline, to help ‘lift’ the brows, or even to lower the top lip to prevent a gummy smile (where the gums show). It’s also registered for use in the medical field, treating concerns like bruxism (teeth grinding) and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Botox and ageing

One of the great things about Botox is its ability to treat and prevent ageing. For example, when used preventatively, it can delay lines and wrinkles from forming. This is achieved by injecting it into an area where lines and wrinkles are more likely to form.

Be warned that wrinkle relaxers can’t be used to treat signs of ageing caused by sun (UV) damage. These are often corrected with the use of dermal fillers instead.

More on Botox

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