What Is Professional Grade Skincare?

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14th September 2022

What Is Professional Grade Skincare?

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in the body? Just as you care for the rest of your body through diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, so you should care for your skin, too. Thankfully, that’s what professional-grade skincare was made for.

Today, we’ll explain what professional-grade skincare is, where to get it and what happens during a consultation, so you can discover what works for you and your skin. Read on to find out more.

So, why professional-grade skincare?

What you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it. And with professional-grade skincare, you’ll have tailored recommendations that address your concerns, suit your skin and create results you’ll love.

Do I need to go to a clinic for specialist skincare?

Yes, because over-the-counter and online products just don’t make the grade. That’s because they typically only have a small number of active ingredients in their formula so they sell to more people and applied by virtually anyone. Specialist skincare, on the other hand, is often only sold to clinics and other experts, often with the training needed.

Skincare routine diagram - Elixir skin clinic Doncaster

What happens at a professional-grade skincare consultation?

You’ll have your skin assessed closely for any concerns. This could include issues like skin laxity and loss of volume associated with ageing; lines and wrinkles from sun exposure and other lifestyle factors; active acne or acne scarring; pigmentation concerns; and more.  We’ll then work with you to find your perfect products, explain how and when to apply them (and how much to use), and create a treatment programme if check-ins and follow-ups are needed.

What if specialist skin products don’t give me results?

It might be that something else will better suit your skin. We use professional skin care products from ZO (Dr Zein Obagi, a leading dermatologist) and Environ (also a medical-grade range), each of which addresses different concerns. For example, Environ typically tackles signs of ageing or prevents ageing from occurring, while ZO focuses more on healthy skin and concerns like breakouts, redness and sensitivity.

What if I’m allergic to professional-grade skincare?

When starting a new skincare regime or product, we may need to do a patch test on a discreet area. This helps check for signs of allergic reactions. Of course, some of our clients have existing allergies and if we know about these, we can work around them.

How do I book my specialist skin consultation?

Just get in touch with our Doncaster skin clinic, and we’ll handle the rest!

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